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Digital Marketing Optimisation Process​

By getting a 1% increase here, 2% there, 4% over yonder, it continually adds up really quickly. As we execute marketing campaigns and sales effectiveness we need to continually monitor what’s working well and what we need to do better.

If you’re serious about wanting to grow your business with better results month on month, you’ll need an excellent optimisation process. It’s the way in which you achieve better results for the same (or less) investment and effort – in other words, get more bang for your buck.

The 5 steps to optimisation are :

  1. Reporting
  2. Analysis
  3. Recommendations
  4. Strategy, Plan and Execute
  5. Repeat !

These simple, yet vital steps drive the long term growth of your business

From 3,000 to 45,000 website visitors


« Their online strategies and reporting have been a huge weight off our shoulders for having to worry about all of the google advertising and promotion that goes on now days – they are fantastic to deal with and a pleasure to recommend. »

Sam Cain | Owner

The optimisation strategy we work to :

This is about collecting and analysing data to help us make informed decisions that can significantly improve how you operate and what outcomes you generate. Our process is to establish the right tracking and reporting and then analysis of data to determine the current and target metrics that we want to be working towards.​

The next step is to analyse the data that tells us what is working well (and how to do more of it), and what isn’t performing well and how do we fix it (or stop it).​

We’ll provide recommendations and requirements for improvement including execution needs, prioritisation of tasks and resources required (the what, the who and the when).​

Maximising your relationship with your current customers is a no brainer. We’ll help you identify what strategies will work best for your business and help you maximise your current relationships. This could include social and email campaigns, as well as loyalty or reward programs.​

Getting started :​

We need collect the right data, so we can generate the right reports that provide the information on how well all aspects of your digital marketing are performing.​

The next step is to analyse the data that tells us what is working well (and how to do more of it), and what isn’t performing well and how do we fix it (or stop it).

Finally, we’ll review – did it work, did it not, what do we need to do?​

In any marketing, there are always opportunities to improve, and ways in which you can test what message, design, tactic is going to best connect with your target audience. It’s our job to guide you on the right journey to a better way of doing things, so that your results keep getting better and better and better and better!

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